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Weird Sight involving Modern Train and Beer Horses
This afternoon, a couple of us were down at the SP 794 giving a tour of the locomotive.  Fans were gathering for the UTSA football game in the Alamo Dome, and the Budweiser Clydesdale were making an appearance.  The horses were approaching from the East on Commerce St and were about to cross the tracks when the crossing gates came down due to a BNSF freight which was approaching from the South.  The engineer had blown the horn a couple of times which naturally had caused the horses to be on edge.  I think that the engineer had noticed this and expertly stopped the long freight at the edge of the street.  The conductor then climbed out of the cab of the locomotive and manually lifted the crossing gate to allow the famous horses and their wagon cross.
Here's a video from our Facebook page

Respectfully Submitted,

Photographed Heritage Locomotives

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